Bêcheur – Personne prétentieuse et snob.

My great great great great great great great grandfather, Blaise Terrien, was un bêcheur; a bêche is a spade, and so a bêcheur was a digger. Colloquially, bêcheur means snob. I think that counts as irony? Born in 1680, Blaise’s perch in the family tree offers no other detail than his profession–digging dirt. I also have a great uncle Jacques born in the early 1700s who was a vigneron and lends bona fides for Terrien Wines, albeit three centuries later. But here at Bêcheur you will find wines I have dug up from my friends’ wineries and which I offer to you because otherwise they would become a casualty of California’s grape glut and get blended for sale on the bulk market. Bêcheur is just a way for you to buy a nice wine at cost.

Dynamic pricing: airlines and hotels use it to fill seats and beds, but why not wineries? Dynamic pricing lowers the price you pay by reducing sales costs for us.

So here’s how it works: the price goes up or down with demand. If the price is higher than you like then name your price and you’ll receive a token if it drops to your desired price. The token works for 24 hours and as long as inventory holds out, you may want to wait and submit an even lower price.

Once the wine sells out, if you paid more than the average you will receive a coupon for the difference. For example, if you bought 6 bottles at $40 and the average price ends up being $20, you will get a coupon for $120.

Did you pay less than the average? Well good for you!