Bêcheur – Personne prétentieuse et snob.

My great great great great great great great grandfather, Blaise Terrien, was un bêcheur; a bêche is a spade, and so a bêcheur was a digger. Colloquially, bêcheur means snob. I think that counts as irony? Born in 1680, Blaise’s perch in the family tree offers no other detail than his profession–digging dirt. I also have a great uncle Jacques born in the early 1700s who was a vigneron and lends bona fides for Terrien Wines, albeit three centuries later. But here at Bêcheur you will find wines I have dug up from my friends’ wineries and which I offer to you because otherwise they would become a casualty of California’s grape glut and get blended for sale on the bulk market. Bêcheur is just a way for you to buy a nice wine at a sweet price.